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Locking Dome Strainer

Floor Sink Locking Dome Strainer Permadrain

Restaurant floor sinks are prone to drain clogs and backups. Prevent this problem with Our Locking Dome-Strainer.  It is made from a strong composite material to stand up to impacts, heat, chemicals, and tampering.  Our Dome-Strainer measures at an optimal size of 5 ½” x 3”. The Locking Dome-Strainer Kit comes with two gaskets to ensure a proper fit in various applications.  A number 3 square x 1 inch insert bit is also included with each order for installation of the screw with bit driver. This dome strainer fits perfectly with our domed safety baskets to provide extra protection for your drains.

The Dome Strainer is available for 2", 3", and 4" drains.