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Restaurant & Kitchen Brushes

Brushes for cleaning restaurants and kitchens 

Get the right brushes for your restaurants and kitchens!  We carry cleaning brushes for everyday cleaning or for your weekly maintenance tasks.  Whether you’re cleaning a salt and pepper shaker or wine decanter, or you’re tackling a floor drain or a deep fryer, we’re sure to have the appropriate brush that will make the cleanup process easier.  

Restaurant cleanliness is vital for the safety of your food, customers and employees. Keeping that commercial kitchen clean is no easy task, so be sure to give your employees the right tools (and brushes) to get the job done right!



  • Soda Fountain Drain Tube Brush

    Soda Fountain Drain Tube Brush

    Now you have a safe and easy way to clean the beverage tray drain tube to eliminate cold water mold, sugar snakes and drain clogs! Soda fountain (or beverage towers) drain into a tray and then into a drain tube.  This drain tube gets sugar snakes...

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  • Soda Valve Brush for cleaning Beverage Towers

    Soda Valve Brush for cleaning Beverage Towers

    The Soda Valve Brush is designed specifically to clean the inside of the soda fountain valve.  Simple and easy to use.  The plastic bristles are safe and FDA approved. For best results, we suggest using it with our Soda Nozzle Defender...

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  • Beer Line Cleaning Brush 1/4" wide x 66" long

    Beer Line Cleaning Brush 1/4" wide x 66" long

    A good-quality and perfectly working drip pan or bar drip tray is important to any commercial draft-beer system.  The beer drip tray is used to catch the drops or foam of beer that drip (hence the name) from the draft-beer tap, spout, spigot,...

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  • Corn Silk Removing Brush

    Extra soft brush removes corn silk Dishwasher-safe Measures 10-inch by 3-inch by 1.75-inch Will not damage kernels Cleans corn silk from surface

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  • Crystal Stemware Brush

    Crystal Stemware Brush

    Our soft yet high tensile foam brush, under normal usage, will last 10 times longer than the best brush and 20 times longer than the best sponge.  The foam, made of a special hydrophobic formula composition, does not absorb any water and will not...

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  • Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Brush

    Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Brush

    The Garbage Disposal Brush is specially designed to reach deep to get rid of odor-causing food residue. Finally, a cleaning brush that gets into that hard-to-clean space to help eliminate germ and bacteria build up! The Garbage Disposal Brush has a key...

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  • Toughest Little Cup & Glass Washing Brush Ever Made

    Toughest Little Cup & Glass Washing Brush Ever Made

    A brush that will eliminate Tea and Coffee stains in cups and mugs has arrived. This brush is the perfect size for small to large cups and mugs and cleans the side, base and corner at the same time, to give a perfect clean. Tough plastic bristles will...

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  • Coffee Decanter Brush

    Coffee Decanter Brush

    Reinforced foam bristles clean the hard to reach areas of the coffee pot effortlessly Soft foam will not scratch the pot Dishwasher-safe Measures 12.5-inch by 4.5-inch by 1.75-inch The foam bristles are designed to last 10 times longer

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  • Air Pot Brush 18"

    Air Pot Brush 18"

    Soft reinforced foam bristles last long. Foam does not absorb water and become soggy. Product Dimensions L: 19"  W: 3.25"  H: 2.5"

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