Beer Tap & Soda Fountain Drains

Cold water mold in beer trayDrain-Net Technologies can help you keep your beer tap and soda fountain drain lines clean and free of backups.  Soda fountains towers and beer taps have trays which collect excess liquid, and exits down a drain line into your pipes.  This drain line is prone to bacteria growth due to the constant source of sugar or yeast.  Rather than using bleach, a toxic substance that can cause additional problems in your piping system, we offer an eco-friendly solution to this problem.  Our proprietary, slow-release solution will keep your drain lines clean of cold water mold and sugar snakes.

  • Eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals
  • Eliminates cold water mold, odors, and keeps drain lines clean
  • Saves hundreds of dollars on maintenance costs and emergency drain backup situations

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