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GreaseWatch - Underground Grease Trap Monitors

Do you have a grease interceptor outside your restaurant or commercial kitchen?  How do you know when it is time to pump out your grease?  Drain-Net has solved the problem with Grease Watch (Also called Tank Vision).  We offer both a wireless and wired connection so you can easily monitor your tank.  Benefits include:

  • Reduce unecessary grease trap pumping
  • Helps with reporting to ensure compliance with local city officials
  • Emergency service notifications
  • Monitores tank functionality and plumbing issues related to the grease trap
  • Reduce risk of back-ups

Over 20,000 tanks across the USA use this technology!  These monitors can be installed in existing tanks or with new construction.  Each tank comes with detailed instructions for installation and monitoring.  The wireless model (GW-300) requires a $250/year subscription for cellular expense and online access to data. 


grease watch tank vision