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Trench Drain Strainers


Trench drains, channel drains, and trough drains are commonly found in restaurants, supermarkets, food processing plants, and other commercial facilities.  While they are great at draining large amounts of water, they can also collect food, trash, and debris, causing drain clogs, plumbing problems, and flooded floors.  Prevent clogged trench drains with the products below! 

  • Stainless Steel Trench Drain Strainer Trench Drain Strainer Insert

    Trench Drain Strainer Insert with curved lip

    Trench drains are a common source of headaches for supermarkets and commercial kitchens.   They are great for rapid evacuation of surface water.  However most trench drain grates allow large amounts of solid debris, trash, and other particles...

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  • U-Shaped Trench Drain Liner Scrap Basket

    U-Shaped Trench Drain Liner Scrap Basket

      Trench Drains (also called trough drains) are a great drainage solution for food service facilities and other commercial buildings. However, they collect lots of food, debris, trash, and other scrap that can cause drain clogs and plumbing...

  • Trough Drain for restaurant plumbing Trough Drain 1' x 3'

    Trough Drain 1' x 3'

    There’s no better way to setup for success than with our first, fully assembled, fully integrated, fully protected Trough Drain. The new trough drain is the perfect choice for new construction and remodels. Our design drains large volumes of...

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  • Custom Trench Drain Strainer Custom Trench Drain Strainer

    Custom Trench Drain Strainer

    Need a custom sized stainless steel trench drain strainer?  We can make one for you!  Simply call us at 908-236-0277, email us at, or enter the form below for your free quote.  Custom trench drain strainers are...