Garbage Disposal Replacement

Our Garbage Disposal Replacement Strainers (also called wet waste interceptors) separate solid food particles and water in commercial kitchen sinks.   Dishwasher sinks, 3-compartment sinks, and other commercial sinks have to be able to handle large amounts of food waste which can cause drain backups and plumbing clogs.  These wet waste interceptors improve drain line and grease trap efficiency.

These products are a great alternative to electric garbage disposals because they do not require electricity and do not have dangerous mechanical parts.  These products are sometimes referred to as food scrap collectors, flat strainers, and garbage disposal replacement unites.  Whatever you call them, make sure your plumbing problems are a thing of the past! 


replace garbage disposal


  A6 Flat Drain Strainer Garbage Disposal Drain Strainer - Short

Garbage Disposal Drain Strainer
- Standard

Garbage Disposal Drain Strainer - Tall

Min Height of Unit

10” 16.25”

19” (Drain Plate)
19.75" (Crown Adaptor)


Max Height of Unit


10.5” 16.25”

24” (Drain Plate)
24.75" (Crown Adaptor)

Leg Height 2" 6" (adjustable 1/2") 10" up to 15.5" 15" to 20" (adjustable)
Crown Adaptor  YES NO YES (FPS-610C) YES
2" Inlet Drain Plate            NO YES YES (FPS-610B) NO
2” Outlet Right YES YES NO YES
2” Outlet Left YES YES NO YES
Outlet Bottom NO NO YES YES
Product Code GDR-A6-3L FPS-610A

FPS-610B (drain plate)
FPS-610C (crown adapter)

GDR-A18 (down outlet)
GDR-A18S (side outlets)

Price      $695 $695 $695 $745 - $795

How do I choose?

replace your garbage disposal

1.) Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of your sink to determine the min and max height of unit you can use. The min and max heights shown above include the height of the Drain Plate or Crown Adaptor.
2.) Decide on the type of sink connection you want to use (air gap, 2” inlet plate, or crown adapter).
3.) Determine the outlet (right or left) needed.


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