Pure Drain Defender

The Pure Drain Defender line of products replaces expensive and often hazardous chemical products currently used in the industry to compact fruit flies, grease, grime, fats, oils, molds, and malodors.  These caustic products invariably do more harm than good; however, Pure Drain DEFENDER products consists of all-natural, eco-friendly proprietary compounds that will not damage your pipes or drain systems.  Using them together not only remedies the above issues, but also prohibits fruit flies from reproducing.  Drain Defender is light years ahead of any other products on the market today.  It is time to keep your spaces clean and fruit fly free!

Why is it better?

Pure Drain Defender are bacteria based products.  The bacteria are live organisms and multiply to expand effective nature of the product.  All enzyme/chemical products are not alive and are effective only during a single use, and are easily washed away.  Our Defender products thrive by "eating" fats, oils, and greases, thereby eliminating them.  To "eat" our bacteria produce natural enzymes that break down the complex molecules of the fats, oils and greases so that the bacteria can ingest them.  Their "waste" or byproduct merely comprises of water and carbon dioxide, which are purely green products.  Also, many enzyme products are banned by certain states and municipal agencies.  

Fighting Fruit Flies:

Our proprietary composition of bacteria is specially designed to "infect" fruit flies... a claim that no other product can make!  So in addition to breaking down FOG (a breeding ground for fruit flies) it can also infect them, causing them to eventually die.  Other products merely rely upon cleaning to remove the fruit flies food source.

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