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Clogged Toilet Drains - Traptex


Flushing of inappropriate items is a widespread problem in all facilities, resulting in clogs, burst pipes, flooding, and a huge drain on facility resources.  Wipes, washcloths, cloths, paper towels, underpads, diapers, and more have been flushed down toilets. Just because it leaves the toilet bowl, doesn’t mean it’s flushable. These products don’t disperse in water like toilet paper does. Instead, they accumulate over time in pipes and sewers causing catastrophic problems in the facility plumbing system or further down the waste stream in municipal water treatment facilities. Even products labeled “flushable and dispersible”cause problems because they don’t properly disperse.

The Traptex Plumbing Protection System incorporates innovative flushing prevention devices to change bad flushing behavior. This results in fewer maintenance and plumbing calls for clogged pipes, equipment failures, and plumbing disasters.  Click here to learn to learn more about Traptex.

If needles are a problem in your public restroom, we also offer a secure needle disposal cabinet solution