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Mop Water Dump Stations

Are you looking for a convenient, ergonomically friendly option to dump and transfer water or any waste water and related fluids?  Drain-Net Technologies now offers a Mop Water Dump Station.  As fluid is dumped into the Mop Station, the provided aluminum strainer basket captures larger debris, mop strings, trash, paper, etc.  The unit is equipped with an onboard, float activated sump pump (optional) that then transfers fluid to your desired collection vessel. 

This product is ideal for manufacturing plants, food processors, and other commercial and industrial facilities that need to keep the floors clean, but that do not have a floor scrubber.  Maintaining a clean and safe working environment has never been more important, and the Mop Water Dump Station makes it easier to be environmentally responsible with floor cleaning wastewater without incurring excessive costs.

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  • Mop Water Dump Station Mop WasteWater Dump Station

    Mop Water Dump Station

    Product Features: This equipment has a small footprint, measuring 3′ L x 2′ W and 14″ H.  The height for dump area is only 10" off the floor, making it easy for workers to dump large mop buckets. It will also handle gravity...

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