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Toilet Seat Cleaner

FreshSeat - Toilet Seat Cleaner

Let's face it, nobody likes to sit on a public toilet seat.  Even if it "looks" clean, how can you be sure?  Let your customers and employees enjoy a clean toilet seat by providing them with a cleaner in the bathroom stall.  People feel much better with a clean seat than a dirty seat with a thin piece of paper on it.  Now, you don't need flimsy toilet set paper.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Just hold some tissue under the dispenser, press the button for one second, wipe the seat clean and presto! You've got the clean, dry, comfortable seat you want.  Customers and employees love it!  In our health conscious society, people embrace the efforts of business that are willing to improve their public restrooms.

You can also take your restrooms to the next level with our Bowl Clip Toilet Air Freshener!  This 30 day air freshener clip creates a fresh smell for your employees and patrons.

  • F-Matic Fresh Seat Toilet Cleaner Refill

    FreshSeat Refill

    FreshSeat is a revolutionary new way to get clean, safe public toilet seats!   This is the foam dispenser container that fits in the dispenser... sold here.