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Guardian Drain Lock Hybrid

Prevent unwanted debris from clogging and backing up your plumbing lines.  The Guardian Drain Lock is:

  • Perfect locking solution for floor sink drains
  • Prevents night cleaning crews and employees from washing lots of trash and debris down the drain which clog the drain lines.
  • Easy to install within seconds
  • Tamper proof and unbreakable
  • Lockable from your kitchen staff - Manager keeps the Key
  • Reduces emergency plumbing situations and drain jetting
  • Decreased risk of insurance claims and city fines
  • Increased productivity of staff to focus on their job and not clogged or backed up drains,
  • Changes behaviors of kitchen staff to use best cleaning practices
  • Can also be used in select floor drains.  Be sure to measure before you purchase.

-->Click here to download the installation instructions