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Mop Sink Strainers

  • Commercial Mop Sink Basin Strainer w/ Filters

    Commercial Mop Sink Basin Strainer w/ Filters

    All the food, trash, and debris that you collect when you mop the floors gets poured into the mob basin and clogs the drain.  If ignored, you could face serious plumbing problems and repairs.  This Mop Sink Basin Strainer prevents drain clogs...

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  • Custom Mop Basin Strainer

    Custom Mop Basin Strainer

    Can't find the mop basin strainer you need?  Do you have a triangle shaped mop basin?  Our fab shop can create a custom stainless steel or plastic strainer or filter for your unique application.  We work with restaurants, commercial...

  • Filters for Mop Sink Basin Strainer (5-pack)

    This is a replacement filter for the Mop Sink Basin Strainer product. Fits the 21" x 21" x 8" mop sink basin strainer Captures mop water dirt, trash, and debris Prevents drain clogs and plumbing problems Disposable for quick and easy clean up This...

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  • Srap Blocker Sink Strainer Scrap Basket

    Scrap Basket

    This durable plastic strainer basket prevents food scrap from going down the drains which causes plumbing problems.  Available with or without a fine mesh screen on the bottom Can also be used as a colander for rinsing fruits and...

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