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Restaurant Plumbing Problems

 The average restaurant's plumbing expenses are about 0.2% of sales.  So a restaurant that has annual sales of $5 million could average about $10,000 a year in plumbing expenses.  This does not include the headaches (and labor expenses) that your management and staff have to incur when an unexpected plumbing problem occurs!  Isn't it time to cut your plumbing expenses and minimize your risk from plumbing emergencies, health code violations, and interruptions to operations?  Check out the pictures below which show some of the plumbing problems that restaurants can face when they neglect their drains and plumbing:

Clogged Pipes cause restaurant plumbing problems Broken P-Trap in restaurant Broken Plumbing Lines in Food Service Establishment
Broken Plumbing Lines in restaurant Broken P-Trap under commercial sink Clogged Pipes and Plumbing Problems
 Broken-P-Trap and flooding  Stuff shoved down pipes  Backed up floor sink and flooded floors

For many years, Drain-Net Technologies has been helpings restaurants and foodservice facilities take a pro-active, preventative approach towards plumbing and drain line maintenance. If you're not sure where to being, let us direct you to our most popular products.


drain-strainer-group-pics-2016-31866.jpgA Drain-Net Drain Strainer captures all the food scraps and solid waste that would otherwise clog your floor drains.  Now you can get rid of all the dangerous (and expensive) chemical pipe cleaners in your restaurant or commercial kitchen.  We have the greatest selection of drain strainers, baskets, and filters in all shapes and styles.  Click here to learn more!




Drain Locks:  Drain clogs are often caused because unwanted trash and debris is washed or swept down the drain. That's why many restaurant owners and facility managers are choosing to lock down their drains. Locking down your drains is the best way to prevent your plumbing system from becoming the "trash can" for night cleaners or lazy employees. As the leading provider of drain locks we have the best selection of products for your application. Click here to learn more!



wet-waste-interceptor-pic-17844.jpgWet Waste Interceptors separate solid food particles and water in commercial kitchen sinks.   Dishwasher sinks, 3-compartment sinks, and other commercial sinks have to be able to handle large amounts of food waste which can cause drain backups and plumbing clogs.  These wet waste interceptors improve drain line and grease trap efficiency.  These products are a great alternative to electric garbage disposals because they do not require electricity and do not have dangerous mechanical parts.  Click here to learn more!



 Protect your drains