Dumpster Pad

Dumpster Pad

dumpster grease at restaurant

lane-guard-grease absorberAt restaurants and foodservice facilities, it is commonplace to see grease on and around the dumpster. Did you know that washing this grease into sewers can put you in violation of EPA regulations? Because it is considered a pollutant, improper disposing of grease in this way can result in costly fines and even shutdowns. Additionally, these grease stains around the dumpster are unsightly, unsafe (slip and fall accidents), and can attract rodents.

So what’s the solution? Our Grease Away Neutralizer and our Lane Guard Dumpster Pad!

Grease Away is used to neutralize and dissolve grease stains in your dumpster area. This product is a biodegradable grease emulsifier that breaks down grease and oils. It brings acidic grease into a safe pH level to comply with EPA standards. Simply sprinkle in grease-saturated dumpster areas and let the product go to work. Within a week, you’ll be able to wash away residue without harm. Don’t scare off your customers with unsightly dumpster areas, rodents, and unsafe pavement… take care of it with Grease Away and Lane Guard by Drain-Net Technologies!