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Commercial Sink Strainers & Parts

Clogged sinks really stink!  Especially when it is a commercial sink where food prep, cleaning, and washing happens.  Restaurant and commercial kitchen sinks are constantly at risk for clogs because of the food particles and scraps that get washed off of plates, pots and pans. This food waste gets washed into drains and soon the facility pipes are clogged!  The best way to prevent drain backups and plumbing headaches is to use the right mix of commercial strainers.  We offer strainer solutions that sit on top of the sink, in the sink, or under the sink.  If you can't find the strainer you need, contact us and we can customize a solution for you.

  • DrainShield Commercial Sink Strainer

    DrainShield Commercial Sink Strainer

    Want to lock down your drain strainer in your three compartment sink, food prep sink, or pot washing sink?  Then your solution is finally here!  This strainer, made of durable plastic, is a permanent locking solution for your commercial sink...

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  • Drain Armor Commercial Sink Strainer Drain Lock

    Drain Armor Commercial Sink Strainer Drain Lock

    Drain Armor is a locking strainer designed to protect your three-compartment sink!   It’s 3 ½” which is the standard size for almost all sinks and is compatible with existing lever drains and twist waste valves, so...

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  • 3 1/2" Flat Strainer for Kitchen Sink Drain Opening

    3 1/2" Flat Strainer for Kitchen Sink Drain Opening

    This 3 1/2" flat kitchen sink strainer fits in most commercial kitchen sinks to filter out food scrap.   Can replace similar strainer parts for waste valves.  Helps prevent drain clogs. Keeps flatware, smallwares, napkins, and other items...

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  • Sink Ball DEFENDER (3-pack)

    Sink Ball DEFENDER (3-pack)

    Sink DEFENDER is a small plastic ball filled with the same proprietary compound as our Drain Defender System. The Sink Defender is an effective release mechanism to prevent fruit flies, remove odors, and keep drain pipes clear. (Perfect for hand washing...

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  • 20 inch Commercial Sink Pre-Rinse Basket 4 inch Deep

    20 inch Commercial Sink Pre-Rinse Basket 4 inch Deep

    Help prevent scrap from entering your commercial sink drains with this stainless steel pre-rinse basket! This pre-rinse basket is made of stainless steel for outstanding durability, and its 20" x 20" measurements let it accommodate a variety of dishes...

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  • Sink Scoop-Up

    Sink Scoop-Up

    The Scoop-Up is a quick and easy way to remove food debris that accumulates in your compartment sink.  It is a flexible plastic scoop that has slots to allow water to drain through when you pick up the food scraps. A truly useful tool especially...

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  • Srap Blocker Sink Strainer Scrap Basket

    Scrap Basket

    This durable plastic strainer basket prevents food scrap from going down the drains which causes plumbing problems.  Available with or without a fine mesh screen on the bottom Can also be used as a colander for rinsing fruits and...

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  • Commercial Sink Stopper

    Commercial Sink Stopper

    Hold the water in your sink!  Easy-to-use solution when your sink doesn't have a lever / twist waste valve Made of brushed stainless steel Compatible with Drain Armor Compatible with insinkerator Fits standard 3.5" compartment sink drains...

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    Compartment Sink Stickers - Wash, Rinse, Sanitize

    Compartment Sink Stickers - Wash, Rinse, Sanitize

    For an efficient and organized kitchen, use these 3 compartment sink wash, rinse, sanitize and water level sink labels.   Bring your kitchen up to code with these sink labels. Clearly labeling your three-compartment sinks is a great way to...

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  • Compartment Sink Scrap Scoop

    Compartment Sink Scrap Scoop

    Quickly and easily scoop out the food scrap and debris in your compartment sink Helps prevent scrap and debris from entering the drain and pipes, preventing drain clogs and backups Holds up to 3 quarts of food scrap Makes clean up of food solids an...

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  • Fine Filters for Sink Strainers (50-pack)

    Fine Filters for Sink Strainers (50-pack)

    Tired of rice, coffee, sand, and other fine debris entering your drains through your sink?  Prevent all small and fine debris from causing sink backups with these fine filters.  While we have designed these for restaurants and commercial uses,...

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  • Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Brush

    Kitchen Waste Food Disposal Brush

    The Garbage Disposal Brush is specially designed to reach deep to get rid of odor-causing food residue. Finally, a cleaning brush that gets into that hard-to-clean space to help eliminate germ and bacteria build up! The Garbage Disposal Brush has a key...

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  • DrainShield DS8000 Encore DSS-8000 replacement strainer

    DrainShield DS8000 for 3.5″ Encore Drains

    A 3 ½” permanent locking strainer designed to protect Encore DSS-8000 drains. Protects your three compartment and prep sinks from clogs caused by food particles and other debris. Fits Encore DSS-8000 Drains Protects locking mechanism...

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  • Sponge Brush for the Kitchen Sink

    Sponge Brush for the Kitchen Sink

    The Sponge Brush for the Kitchen Sink brings 2 favorite kitchen cleaning tools together into a single tool. No more switching from sponge to brush, and back again! It’s super fast and cleans in half the time. Great for pots, pans, plates, bakeware,...

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  • Silverware Chute for Commercial Sinks

    Silverware Chute for Commercial Sinks

    Speed up the dishwashing process while cutting down on drain clogs due to silverware.  Simply attach them to your dishwashing sink with the provided hardware and line them up to a waiting receptacle.  They are made of plastic and easy...

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