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  • Traptex Toilet Guard Plumbing Protection System

    Traptex® Plumbing Protection System

    Flushing of inappropriate items is a widespread problem in all facilities, resulting in clogs, burst pipes, flooding, and a drain on resources and revenue. Wipes, napkins, rags, paper towels, diapers, and more have been flushed down toilets. Just...

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  • Sink Scoop-Up

    Sink Scoop-Up

    The Scoop-Up is a quick and easy way to remove food debris that accumulates in your compartment sink.  It is a flexible plastic scoop that has slots to allow water to drain through when you pick up the food scraps. A truly useful tool especially...

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  • 6-inch extension bar for hard-to-reach fasteners

    6-inch extension bar for hard-to-reach fasteners

    This tool is nice to have when installing Guardian Drain Locks or Locking Dome Strainers in floor sinks. Adds length to access hard-to-reach fasteners Knurled band offers a nonslip grip for turning loosened fasteners by hand Spring-loaded detent...

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  • Orange-U-Tongs PRO 36" Trash Pick-up Tool

    Orange-U-Tongs PRO 36" Trash Pick-up Tool

    This is a professional grade Pick-Up Tool perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and just about any facility. Great for outdoor trash pickup in the parkinglot and around your facility. Keeping your grounds clean is essential for customer...

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  • Compartment Sink Scrap Scoop

    Compartment Sink Scrap Scoop

    Quickly and easily scoop out the food scrap and debris in your compartment sink Helps prevent scrap and debris from entering the drain and pipes, preventing drain clogs and backups Holds up to 3 quarts of food scrap Makes clean up of food solids an...

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  • AC Drain Pan Treatment Geltabs

    AC Drain Pan Treatment Geltabs

    Sold individually.  1 tablet will last about a month! The Most Effective Drain Pan Treatment... Ever! Slow release gel tablet that is safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive! Cleans sludge and other “gunk” in condensate drain pans and...

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  • Drain Cleaning Shop Vac - 1 Gal We/Dry

    Drain Cleaning Shop Vac - 1 Gal We/Dry

    Sometimes cleaning a floor sink or a floor drain can be a messy job.  That's why we offer this handy 1 Gal Wet/Dry Shp Vac to make the process quick and easy. High performance motor provides maximum power Light weight compact design for easy...

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  • Mammouth 36" Grabber

    Mammouth 36" Grabber

    Widest and deepest jaw opening of nearly any other reacher or grabber. The fingers open 5.25” and with a depth of 4.5” making the grabber mouth one of the largest available... it’s the MamMOUTH! The Mammouth™ grabber has a very...

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  • The Hard-To-Reach Basket Grabber, 32"

    The Hard-To-Reach Basket Grabber, 32"

    Got a hard to reach floor sink basket?  We got a simple solution.  This Grabber / Reacher is perfect for getting to those baskets that are tucked deep under sinks and pipes.  Simply pick the basket up by the handle so that you can empty...

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  • 24" Flexible Pick-Up Tool with light

    Working inside those dark, confined spaces on the job just got a lot easier! This illuminated mechanical pickup offers a built-in, bright white light-emitting diode (LED) to directly illuminate your working area. The 24-inch flex-shaft allows you to...

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