Drain Locks

Drain clogs are often caused because unwanted trash and debris is washed or swept down the drain.  That's why many restaurant owners and facility managers are choosing to lock down their drains.  Locking down your drains is the best way to prevent your plumbing system from becoming the "trash can" for night cleaners or lazy employees.  As the leading provider of drain locks we have the best selection of products for your application. 

Watch this video to see a typical compartment sink setup

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 Drain Locking Program:  We offer a Drain Locking Program for restaurants who are ready to lock down all their drains.  We provide step by step instructions to ensure you get the right products for each drain.  Please contact us to learn more, and mention the Drain Lock Program.

 Guardian Drain Lock HybridGuardian Floor Drain LockDome-D-LockThe Locking Dome StrainerLock & Stop Drain Lock
Product Image 3 3 3 Locking Dome Strainer Lock and Stop
Applications Floor Sinks Floor Drains Floor Sinks and Mop Basins Floor Sinks and Mop Basins Floor Sinks & Floor Drains
Sizes 2", 3", & 4" round drains Smith, Zurn, & Josam drains - 3" square & round 2", 3", & 4" round drains 2", 3", & 4" round drains 2", 3", 4", & unique sizes
Locking Method Tamperproof Torx bolt Tamperproof Torx bolt Tamperproof Torx bolt Square head screw   Spanner bolt  
Material Polypropylene molded body with stainless steel strainer top Polypropylene molded body with a nickel-bronze strainer top Cast Aluminum Molded plastic   100% Stainless Steel  
Unique Features

•Easy to install.

•Now available with fine mesh strainer.

•Works with Drain-Net drain strainers and baskets.

•Replaces common drain covers and prevent drain cover theft.

•Only requires 1 bolt to open vs. 4 screws (like most drain covers)


•Easy to install.

•Prevents rags and floating debris from clogging drain


•Works in conjunction with basket strainer for double drain protection.

•Replaces old and rusty dome strainers.

•Strongest drain lock available.

•Works with odd drain sizes and covers.

•Handles greasy applications.

 Not sure what product you need?  Give us a call or we can help!  If you have a local plumber or facility service organization, we are happy to work with them as well.


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