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Drain Flood Protector

Prevent flood backups in your basement or commercial facility with the Drain Flood Protector!


Float Model Drain Flood Protector

Essentially a check valve for your floor drain, the Drain Flood Protector float model features a rubber float that is pushed up into the drain opening when water begins to rise up from below, sealing off the drain and protecting your home from minor to moderate backup situations. Whenever water threatens from below, the float will seal off the entrance it seeks. Drain Flood Protector are designed to fit common 2", 3" or 4" drain sizes.


Standpipe Model Drain Flood Protector


The Drain Flood Protector standpipe version without a float is available for 3" and 4" drains. The standpipe models are recommended for more extreme or extended pressure situations. In the event of a backup, water rises up the inside of the pipe. The length of the standpipe can be made the length you determine you will need it to be to offer the best possible protection for your situation. Your standpipe height should be higher than the highest point of flooding elevation you have experienced.  However, in some geological locations and severe flood conditions, your basement may need to flood to equalize the pressure inside your basement walls to that of the pressure against the outside walls caused by excessive groundwater. Standpipes that are too long run the risk of preventing the basement from flooding when it’s absolutely needed to prevent walls or floors from cracking or the possible collapse of the basement walls. We strongly suggest you consult local codes or an expert to determine the ideal height for your standpipe in your area.