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Drain Defender

  • Bar Defender Drain Gel (6-pack)

    Bar Defender Drain Gel (6-pack)

    BarDefender Drain Gel is a perfect solution for the bar/food service industry.  Our pre-measured 4 oz bottles takes the guess work out of how much to pour into each drain, saving time and money...

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  • Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)

    Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)

    Every Soda Fountain Tower and Beer Tap Needs one! You'll be amazed! An often overlooked area at restaurants and foodservice facilities is the soda fountain and/or beer tap dispenser, and in...

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  • Drain Defender Basket

    Drain Defender Basket

    Minimal Installation - Easy Maintenance - Employee Friendly Drain DEFENDER’s revolutionary Drain Defender System easily: Withstands the rigors of a commercial kitchen environment. Abates...

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  • Drain Strike Urinal Treatment (6-pack)

    Drain Strike Urinal Treatment (6-pack)

    Drain-Strike Urinal Treatment is designed for regular maintenance of urinal lines.  With our safe and easy-to-use 4 oz. bottles, this product works quickly to eliminate the build-up of uratic...

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  • Drain Vapor Barrier

    Drain Vapor Barrier

    Drain Vapor Barrier is a perfect product that gets right to the source of bathroom drain problems. With the odors of sewer gases coming through any air fresheners will not work or will try to...

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  • Fruit Fly Destroyer

    Fruit Fly Destroyer is the only true and safe product on today's market that will end the fruit fly breeding cycle.  Unlike bleach, nasty fly strips, and hard chemicals that will not end, stop...

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  • SALE

    Fruit Fly Elimination Combo Pack (Save 10%)

    Get these two great products together and save 10% off the regular price.    The Fruit Fly Destroyer helps prevent Fruit Flies and the Outbreak Defender kills active Fruit Fly Outbreaks...

    $67.90 $61.11
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  • Mop Sink Defender

    Mop Sink Defender

    How does Mop Sink Defender Work:  As liquids run over the top of the blue bacterial puck, it will start to shrink and release the bacterial puck slowly into the drain line.  No more clogged...

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  • Sink Ball DEFENDER (3-pack)

    Sink Ball DEFENDER (3-pack)

    Sink DEFENDER is a small plastic ball filled with the same proprietary compound as our Drain Defender System. The Sink Defender is an effective release mechanism to prevent fruit flies, remove odors,...

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  • Soda Fountain Drain Tube Brush

    Soda Fountain Drain Tube Brush

    Now you have a safe and easy way to clean the beverage tray drain tube to eliminate cold water mold, sugar snakes and drain clogs! Soda fountain (or beverage towers) drain into a tray and then...

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