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Detectable Materials

Detectable Materials for the Food Processing industry

Detectable products are designed to address the problem of plastic and rubber particles contaminating food and pharmaceutical production lines. As standard rubbers and plastics are radio-translucent, non-conductive, and low in density, these materials cannot be detected by standard Metal and X-ray detection systems. Detectable materials are manufactured from specialty polymers that contain evenly dispersed additives which elevate densities and enhance magnetic properties. These new detectable product lines are intended to offer peace of mind to quality control and food safety managers while offering aid in preventing costly product recalls. Our Detectable Materials should be used as part of your HACCP process and are specifically designed in accordance with HAACP methods, all or our products are:

  • FDA and USDA approved for direct food contact
  • Metal detectable and/or X-Ray visible down to 2 mm
  • Brilliantly colored for easily visual detection
  • Fully customizable while maintaining the dimensional stability and chemical resistance coveted in plastic components.

Visit our sister company or click on this link to download our Detectomers Catalog which features a full line of X-Ray inspectable and metal detectable products!

Detectable materials for the food processing industry