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Drain Locks for Commercial Sinks

Most sinks will have a strainer, but over time these strainers either break or get lost. It’s very important to have a sink drain strainer to keep items like forks, knives, bottle caps, and large food scraps from going down the drain and causing damage to your pipes and plumbing system. No need to weld the sink strainer to the sink, or constantly buy replacement sink strainers.  Drain Armor is the perfect, permanent locking strainer for your commercial sink that won’t get lost or broken into. 



  • Drain Armor Commercial Sink Strainer Drain Lock

    Drain Armor Commercial Sink Strainer Drain Lock

    Drain Armor is a locking strainer designed to protect your three-compartment sink!   It’s 3 ½” which is the standard size for almost all sinks and is compatible with existing lever drains and twist waste valves, so...

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  • DrainShield Commercial Sink Strainer

    DrainShield Commercial Sink Strainer

    Want to lock down your drain strainer in your three compartment sink, food prep sink, or pot washing sink?  Then your solution is finally here!  This strainer, made of durable plastic, is a permanent locking solution for your commercial sink...

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  • Fine Filters for Sink Strainers (50-pack)

    Fine Filters for Sink Strainers (50-pack)

    Tired of rice, coffee, sand, and other fine debris entering your drains through your sink?  Prevent all small and fine debris from causing sink backups with these fine filters.  While we have designed these for restaurants and commercial uses,...

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