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Drain Lock with Odor and Bug Blocker

Prevent bugs and odors from coming out of your drains with this new drain lockThe LockOut FLOOR Drain-Lock replaces old, broken, or stolen drain grates with an identical drain cover that features our patented locking system. Your typical drain cover can easily be removed with a screw driver, but this Drain-Lock requires a unique tool so that only the appropriate staff can remove the cover and access your facility drains. The patented LockOut blocks foul odors, fruit flies, cockroaches, and other sewer gasses and bugs from coming up through your floor drain into your restaurant or commercial establishment. The locking Mechanism Prevents thieves from stealing your floor drain grates and Prevent staff or night crews from removing the drain grate so they can stuff trash down your drains. The LockOut helps to prevent clogs as well since your kitchen staff will be forced to throw away debris and not push it down the drain, thus clogging pipes and potentially flooding the floor. Perfect for floor drains in restaurants, food processing plants, hotels, factories, restrooms, walkways, and construction sites. Available for square or round drain grates in common sizes for Zurn, Smith, or Josam floor drains.

  • LockOut Foul Odors From Sewer Lines, Fruit Flys and Other Bugs, and Eliminate Use Of Primers
  • The Center Bolt Locks the Grate in Place, Solving the Problem Of Missing Or Sheered Screws
  • Fully Assembled One Piece Unit Is Easy To Install. No Fear of Parts Getting Pushed Down The Drain
  • Single Bolt To Lock and Secure. Tamperproof T45 Torx Security Key Sold Separately
  • Blocks Sewer Gas Odors and Bugs From Exiting Pipes. Easy To Maintain In Your Commercial Establishment