Big Dipper Automatic Removal System

Big Dipper Automatic Grease TrapThe innovative Big Dipper Grease Interceptor has several advantages over traditional concrete traps and is easy to use.

Fits almost anywhere

Traditional concrete grease traps require a substantial amount of space. For small facilities or commercial kitchens located in nontraditional locations (older buildings or a high-rise, for example), this can be a problem. The Big Dipper can fit almost anywhere. Many Big Dipper owners place them on the floor underneath the three-compartment sink.

Automatic operation

The Big Dipper doesn’t require manual operation. It operates based on a digital timer control (preset with options for light, moderate, or heavy greasy output). The skimming wheel activates and transfers floating fats and oils to the removable holding chamber.

Easy to clean

No special training or special equipment is required to clean the Big Dipper. The grease collector is easily detached and the grease can poured into a municipally-approved waste receptacle or be dumped into the kitchen trash for disposal. No suction trucks, contractors or special equipment is required.

Protects internal plumbing while meeting compliance standards

For facilities that have long internal wastewater lines, such as hotels and hospital cafeterias, keeping grease from fouling internal plumbing is a major concern. A blockage in the kitchen’s own plumbing can trigger expensive emergency repairs. Big Dipper units can be placed next to grease sources, such as kitchen sinks, so that fats, oil and grease (FOG) don’t have to travel through your internal plumbing.

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