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Portable FOG Probe

Drain-Tech is proud to offer the first portable FOG probe designed to reliably and inexpensively measure the levels of FOG (fats, oil, and grease) in a grease interceptor. Based on measuring the electrical properties of the surrounding medium, there are no moving parts or expensive transducers. The result is a probe that can withstand the extreme physical and chemical environment of a grease interceptor. The AM-FOG probe consists of a chain of accurate sensors creating model lengths specific to operational needs/applications. Communicating via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS app, the AM-FOG enables complete control over the probe including: A bar graph showing depths of the FOG, water, and air layers

  • FOG percentage and Interceptor height
  • Temperature and battery life
  • A simple calibration of the probe in air and water
  • An easy to use diagnostic screen for troubleshooting


  • Accurately measures 1” levels of FOG, water, and air
  • Portable probe can be taken anywhere
  • Bluetooth (BLE) connection to phone or tablet App
  • Probe length optimized for your process
  • Robust design with no electrode corrosion and low maintenance


  • Measures levels of FOG, water, and air by truly sensing, not sampling
  • Results are generated rapidly, shortening the overall inspection time
  • Simplified yet reliable calibration process ensures peak performance
  • Digital level readings can saved with GPS and site information
  • Novel operation keeps you clean and probe cleans easily with wiper