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Fruit Fly Kit

Is your food service facility under attack? Then you need the Fruit Fly Kit!

Fruit Fly Kit for restaurants and commercial facilities

 Drain-Net Technologies will help make sure that Fruit Flies Don't Stand a chance at your facility!  We have brought together an elite group of Fruit Fly Fighting products especially designed for eliminating those flying little pests.  

1.  Eliminate the Fruit Fly breeding grounds!


• Clean your drains with our drain foam and our commercial drain brush!
• Expanding foam formula gets where other liquid drain products can't!
• Rid your drains and floors of FOG"s and fruit fly breeding grounds!
• Specially formulated microbial-cleaner with fresh citrus blend and foaming agents
• Breaks down grease and bacteria quickly and can even degrade pre-existing accumulations of sugar snakes.
• Foam Sprayer sold separately.


2.  Prevent them from coming back through your drains!


• The Green Drain is an inline, one way drain sealer
• Prevents fruit flies, maggots, bugs, and roaches from crawling up through the floor drain
• Blocks the drain, preventing fruit flies from entering
• Simple installation & improved drainage quality
• Sanitary, eco-friendly and chemical free solution (“Green Product”)
• The one way valve eliminates odor issues stemming from sewers
• Revolutionary floor drain trap


3.  Break the Life Cycle throughout your facility with all-natural products!

fruit fly prevention

• Fruit flies multiply exponentially. To permanently end the life cycle you must treat all areas of your restaurant or facility.
• The Drain DEFENDER line of products replaces expensive and often hazardous chemical products currently used in the industry to compact fruit flies, grease, grime, fats, oils, molds, and malodors.
These caustic products invariably do more harm than good; however, Drain DEFENDER products consists of all-natural, eco-friendly proprietary compounds that will not damage your pipes or drain systems.
Using them together not only remedies the above issues, but also prohibits fruit flies from reproducing.
Drain Defender is light years ahead of any other products on the market today.  It is time to keep your spaces clean and fruit fly free!


Use our simple, safe, and effective solutions below to build your Fruit Fly Kit and win the battle!

Each component of the fruit fly kit sold separately.  Build your kit for your specific need!

  • Beer Tap Defender (16-pk) drip tray deodorizer

    Beer Tap Defender (16-pk) drip tray deodorizer

    The Beer Tap Defender is a Drip Tray Deodorizer and mold inhibitor for beer tap dispenser drip trays & drain lines at your bar or restaurant. Beer on tap usually taste better and provides better margins for restaurants, bars, and pubs.  As you...

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  • Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)

    Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)

    Every Soda Fountain Tower and Beer Tap Needs one! You'll be amazed! An often overlooked area at restaurants and foodservice facilities is the soda fountain and/or beer tap dispenser, and in particular, the associated tray area and drain lines...

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  • Drain Defender Basket

    Drain Defender Basket

    Minimal Installation - Easy Maintenance - Employee Friendly Drain DEFENDER’s revolutionary Drain Defender System easily: Withstands the rigors of a commercial kitchen environment. Abates fruit fly infestation. Keeps drain lines free of fats,...

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  • Drain Vapor Barrier

    Drain Vapor Barrier

    Drain Vapor Barrier is a perfect product that gets right to the source of bathroom drain problems. With the odors of sewer gases coming through any air fresheners will not work or will try to mask the odor. Our ready-to-use 4oz. bottle will last up...

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  • FloorSink DEFENDER (puck with plastic dome)

    FloorSink DEFENDER (puck with plastic dome)

    FloorSink Defender The FloorSink Defender is a specially engineered device that is designed to fit within your floor sinks. FloorSink Defender takes advantage of our proprietary compound to eliminate FOG (fats, oils, & grease), and odors that can...

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  • Foamer Simpson 2 Gallon Pump Up Foamer

    This handy, Pump-Up Foamer Delivers Rich, Thick Foam for a Fraction of the Cost Versus Power Foamers Perfect for indoor and outdoor use in any commercial or industrial areas Manual Pump Construction Saves Money While Producing Thick, Rich Foam...

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  • Fruit Fly Bar Pro (10-Pack)

    Fruit Fly Bar Pro (10-Pack)

    There is an easy, EPA approved, do-it-yourself commercial pest control solution! Drain-Tech's Fruit Fly Strip is a silent, odorless, colorless killer that attacks and treats the problem area at its source. One treatment last for up to 4 months without...

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  • Fruit Fly Destroyer

    Fruit Fly Destroyer is the only true and safe product on today's market that will end the fruit fly breeding cycle.  Unlike bleach, nasty fly strips, and hard chemicals that will not end, stop or kill the breeding process. All-natural bio-based...

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    Fruit Fly Elimination Combo Pack (Save 10%)

    Get these two great products together and save 10% off the regular price.    The Fruit Fly Destroyer helps prevent Fruit Flies and the Outbreak Defender kills active Fruit Fly Outbreaks.  During this fruit fly season, you probably need...

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