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Ice Machine Mold & Slime Prevention

Unclean commercial ice machine makers are potential reservoirs of infectious agents.  Machines lacking proper water filtration system are particularly vulnerable to increased microbial growth, scale and slime-forming bacteria.  Serving contaminated ice to your customers is a serious health issue.  If you fail a health inspection due to a filthy ice machine, what is the downtime cost?  What is the cost of bad publicity?

We offer these solutions to help you ensure your customers are drinking safe and great tasting ice!


  • Ice Wand - mold and slime prevention in commercial ice machines How much to clean a commercial ice machine?

    Ice Wand - Get Clean Commercial Ice Machines

    Click here to view Installation Instructions PDF The Ice Wand™ can improve the overall quality of your beverages and ice - cut costs, reduces down time, and extends the life of your ice machine!Features: The Ice Wand™ is a patented...

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  • IceZone X Ice/Water Sanitation System  X-20

    IceZone X-20 UV Ice Machine Disinfection System

    Who should be using IceZone® Bottom line, if you use an ice machine, IceZone® will help you with three serious problems: 1. Eliminate slime, mold, yeast, bacteria and other impurities 2. Reduce cleaning time 3. Extend the life of your ice...

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  • Replacement UV Lamp for IceZone X-20, 10-08050 Replacement UV Bulb for IceZone X-20

    Replacement UV Bulb for IceZone X-20

    Ice Sanitation Replacement UV Bulb Details: Keep things safe, reliable and professional by looking here to find the right replacement bulb for your IceZone X-20 systems. We understand that you are having a hard time in trying to find the right match,...

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