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Trapzilla Grease Interceptors

Trapzilla Grease InterceptorsTrapzilla was designed to efficiently handle the separation of fats, oils, and grease without taking up as much space as a traditional concrete inteceptor. Its compact design allows it to fit into locations that larger interceptors cannot while still providing protection to the municipal sewers. It has been installed in thousands of sites around the world.

What is Trapzilla?

  • High capacity passive grease interceptor 
  • Retains from 160 to 600 lbs. of grease. 
  • No Thermal Inversion = No Lava-Lamping like Conventional GTs 
  • Compact Footprint with - can fit through 36 doorway 
  • Lightweight 
  • Roto-Molded Design = Affordable Price 
  • May be installed indoors, outdoors or suspended from ceiling 
  • Minimum excavation/installation expense compared to traditional separators 
  • E-Z Pump-Out by Existing Grease Pumping Service Companies