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More Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Drain-Net Technologies offers numerous money-saving solutions for restaurant owners and facility managers.  We work with many large restaurant chains to help solve their drain, ice machine, cleaning, fruit fly, and unique challenges that restaurants face.   Not sure what product you need?  Give us a call or we can help!  If you have a local plumber or facility service organization, we are happy to work with them as well.

  • 24" Flexible Pick-Up Tool with light

    Working inside those dark, confined spaces on the job just got a lot easier! This illuminated mechanical pickup offers a built-in, bright white light-emitting diode (LED) to directly illuminate your working area. The 24-inch flex-shaft allows you to...

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  • 6-inch extension bar for hard-to-reach fasteners

    6-inch extension bar for hard-to-reach fasteners

    This tool is nice to have when installing Guardian Drain Locks or Locking Dome Strainers in floor sinks. Adds length to access hard-to-reach fasteners Knurled band offers a nonslip grip for turning loosened fasteners by hand Spring-loaded detent...

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    8.5 IN Floor Sink Basket & 12 IN Flange Adapter

    8.5 IN Floor Sink Basket & 12 IN Flange Adapter

    A floor sink basket prevents drain blockage and costly repairs to pipes before they occur Catches food, debris, and trash that comes from your floors and sinks Prevents flooded floors which can cause shutdowns, slip hazards, and health code...

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  • 8.5 inch Floor Sink Basket with Fine Filter Net

    8.5 inch Floor Sink Basket with Fine Filter Net

    Our floor sink baskets are the best way to keep food, trash, and debris out of your drain lines.  But if you have a lot of rice, coffee grinds, or other fine materials that may go down the drains, you may want to add a fine filter to our floor sink...

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  • AC Drain Pan Treatment Geltabs

    AC Drain Pan Treatment Geltabs

    Sold individually.  1 tablet will last about a month! The Most Effective Drain Pan Treatment... Ever! Slow release gel tablet that is safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive! Cleans sludge and other “gunk” in condensate drain pans and...

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  • Air Pot Brush 18"

    Air Pot Brush 18"

    Soft reinforced foam bristles last long. Foam does not absorb water and become soggy. Product Dimensions L: 19"  W: 3.25"  H: 2.5"

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  • Bacterial Beverage Tray Drain Tube Agent

    This product is to be used with the Beverage Tray Drain Tube Brush.  After cleaning the drain line with the brush, use this product to finish the cleaning.  How it works:  Squeeze the entire bottle of the Tray Drain Tube Agent into...

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  • Bar Defender Drain Gel (6-pack)

    Bar Defender Drain Gel (6-pack)

    BarDefender Drain Gel is a perfect solution for the bar/food service industry.  Our pre-measured 4 oz bottles takes the guess work out of how much to pour into each drain, saving time and money.  This powerful little bottle has over 2 billion...

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  • Beer Line Cleaning Brush 1/4" wide x 66" long

    Beer Line Cleaning Brush 1/4" wide x 66" long

    A good-quality and perfectly working drip pan or bar drip tray is important to any commercial draft-beer system.  The beer drip tray is used to catch the drops or foam of beer that drip (hence the name) from the draft-beer tap, spout, spigot,...

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  • Beer Tap Defender (16-pk) drip tray deodorizer

    Beer Tap Defender (16-pk) drip tray deodorizer

    The Beer Tap Defender is a Drip Tray Deodorizer and mold inhibitor for beer tap dispenser drip trays & drain lines at your bar or restaurant. Beer on tap usually taste better and provides better margins for restaurants, bars, and pubs.  As you...

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  • Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)

    Beverage Tray DEFENDER (6-pack)

    Every Soda Fountain Tower and Beer Tap Needs one! You'll be amazed! An often overlooked area at restaurants and foodservice facilities is the soda fountain and/or beer tap dispenser, and in particular, the associated tray area and drain lines...

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  • Bowl Clip Toilet Air Freshener

    Bowl Clip Toilet Air Freshener

    The ladies restrooms, is a great place for the Bowl Clip Toilet Air Freshener, which locks into place to eliminate odors and create freshness.  Containing 50 X more air freshening than standard rimsticks, the Bowl Clip Toilet Air...

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  • Brushtech Bike & Sports Bottle Washing Brush

    Brushtech Bike & Sports Bottle Washing Brush

    Ergonomically designed wide, flat handle makes for easy rotating of brush. Excellent for travel mugs, coffee cups, drinking glasses, and narrow neck reusable water bottles. This brush is tough, yet non abrasive, and dishwasher safe. It works equally...

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  • Cheese Grater & Citrus Zester Brush

    Cheese Grater & Citrus Zester Brush

    The spirally wound short and long tufted brush penetrates into the cavities of graters and zesters to effectively remove embedded zest and cheese. Product Dimensions: L: 8.75"  W: 3"  H: 1.75"

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  • Coffee Decanter Brush

    Coffee Decanter Brush

    Reinforced foam bristles clean the hard to reach areas of the coffee pot effortlessly Soft foam will not scratch the pot Dishwasher-safe Measures 12.5-inch by 4.5-inch by 1.75-inch The foam bristles are designed to last 10 times longer

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  • Compartment Sink Scrap Scoop

    Compartment Sink Scrap Scoop

    Quickly and easily scoop out the food scrap and debris in your compartment sink Helps prevent scrap and debris from entering the drain and pipes, preventing drain clogs and backups Holds up to 3 quarts of food scrap Makes clean up of food solids an...

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    Compartment Sink Stickers - Wash, Rinse, Sanitize

    Compartment Sink Stickers - Wash, Rinse, Sanitize

    For an efficient and organized kitchen, use these 3 compartment sink wash, rinse, sanitize and water level sink labels.   Bring your kitchen up to code with these sink labels. Clearly labeling your three-compartment sinks is a great way to...

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  • Cooking Wand - Boiling Pot Overflow preventor

    Cooking Wand - Boiling Pot Overflow preventor

    Prevent overflows when making soups, cooking pasta, boiling potatoes, corn, or anything else. Easy to use, simply place the Cooking Wand between the cooking pot and electric stovetop.  Works great with both electric stovetops and glasstop...

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  • Corn Silk Removing Brush

    Extra soft brush removes corn silk Dishwasher-safe Measures 10-inch by 3-inch by 1.75-inch Will not damage kernels Cleans corn silk from surface

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