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Grease Gutter Sidekick

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  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
  • Grease Gutter Sidekick
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Designed for low grease discharge applications or unusual ventilator systems.

rooftop grease solutionThe Grease Gutter Sidekick is designed for applications where the other Grease Gutter units won't fit, such as wall mounted or other unusual ventilator systems. The Sidekick comes pre-assembled with filters already in place in 24" and 36" lengths. Contact us for custom lengths. It is designed for lower volume single sided discharge fans and for wall mount situations. It has also proven to be effective in unique applications that other systems will not adapt to.

  • Can contain up to 5 gallons of ventilator grease discharge!
  • Absorbs only fat based oils (not precipitation)
  • Features a proprietary additive that "neutralizes" the grease when contained
  • Durable, flame and UV resistant outer skin
  • Fast, easy, and mess-free to maintain
  • Protects the environment
  • Reduces fire risk and roof damage
  • Made in the USA with Underwriters Laboratories approved materials 
  • Contact us for custom lengths.

How Does the Grease Gutter Sidekick Work?

The Sidekick is installed below the grease drain of an exhaust fan to catch any runoff. A hydrophobic boom that will not absorb water is placed into the catchment opening. No cover is needed for the unit. Fats, oils, and grease drip out of the fan and into the catchment system where the boom has been placed.  The hydrophobic boom absorbs only the fats, oils, and grease. If there is any rain or other precipitation, the boom will not absorb any water. The water runs right through the boom and comes out 

through drain holes at the bottom of the Sidekick.

Because it doesn’t absorb any water, the Sidekick boom will contain up to 5 gallons of exhaust fan grease discharge. That’s close to 40 pounds of fats, oils, and grease! The Sidekick certainly does a good job at grease containment, but that’s not the only benefit of installing this system. Let’s review some of the many advantage of installing a Sidekick.

What are the Benefits of the Grease Gutter Sidekick? 

Sidekick does not absorb rain

Collects and Contains Rooftop Grease

The first and foremost benefit of the Grease Gutter Sidekick is that it collects and contains rooftop grease. It also prevents grease from seeping through the roof system and damaging the underlying roof membranes and structure. Damage like that can easily lead to complete roof failure. That means expensive roof repairs and voided warranties.  Rooftop grease buildup also presents a whole host of other issues from attracting vermin to an increased fire risk. Read on to learn about the many other benefits of the Sidekick. 

Rainproof Protection
One thing many people notice about all Grease Gutter systems is that they do not have any type of cover. This is concerning to some people because they wonder what will happen when it rains or snows.  If water gets into the grease box, won’t it cause grease to overflow with the precipitation? The answer is no. With Omni’s hydrophobic filter technology, the boom simply doesn’t absorb any water. Fats, oils, and grease stay trapped in the boom while water drains right through.

Protects the Environment
By collecting and containing rooftop exhaust fan runoff, the Grease Gutter Sidekick prevents fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering storm drains. When (FOG) gets into storm drains and sewage systems it can cause blockages.  Sewage system blockages can then often lead to contaminated water supplies, floods, and even sewer fires. The Sidekick has an eco-friendly design and was built with the environment in mind. It is EPA compliant plus it is produced with recycled materials to help minimize waste.

Increases Safety
By keeping grease off of your rooftop, the Grease Gutter Sidekick makes your roof a safer place for personnel who need to access the area for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of rooftop equipment. Avoiding slip and fall accidents can save you a lot of hassle as well as time and money.

Fire Retardant
The Grease Gutter Sidekick is NFPA 96 compliant. It is fire retardant and flame resistant. Grease neutralizers in the boom ensure that any fats, oils, or grease collected by the containment system can’t be used as fuel to start a fire.  It also makes sure that if a fire begins somewhere else, that the grease won’t become added fuel to the fire causing it to spread across your entire roof. This helps protect both your property and the neighboring buildings as well. 

Grease Gutter Sidekick replacementEasy to Install and Maintain
Unlike many other rooftop grease containment systems, the Sidekick is both extremely easy to install and maintain. It features a compact design that works with many different configurations including wall mount exhaust fans and set ups with space constraints.  Because the Grease Gutter Sidekick is mounted to the side of your fan instead of sitting on the surface of your roof, you won’t have to worry about hidden contact damage. Just use the included screws and silicone to attach the preassembled unit to your exhaust fan curb. 

Sometimes people ask us how often a boom needs to be changed. That really depends on the type and frequency of cooking that is done in your commercial kitchen. However, having your hood system and hood filters cleaned on a regular basis will reduce the amount of grease runoff coming out of your exhaust fan.  The cleaner your ventilation system is, the less fats, oils, and grease will drain out of it. And the less effluent that drains out, the longer your boom will last. Because it can be hard to determine, it’s always a good rule of thumb to have at least one replacement boom on hand.  When it does come time to replace your Sidekick boom, it’s super easy to access and maintain the filter media. When it’s time to replace, simply lift the boom out and place a new one in. The grease stays put in the filter – it’s practically mess free! 

An Affordable Solution

It’s important to take care of your roof and stay in compliance with NFPA fire codes, EPA regulations, and local ordinances as well as landlord and insurance requirements. But no one wants to break the bank in doing so. The Sidekick is affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. This well-engineered grease containment solution will protect your investment for years to come.  

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