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Did you know?

Black Spots on Sidewalks

18th May 2016

Sidewalks are full of small black dots of all shapes and sizes. The bigger the city the more black dots there are. So what a
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Know your Grease Trap

16th May 2016

What is the real difference between a grease trap and a grease interceptor?Grease traps are in-ground tanks that are designe
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Preventing Bacteria in Ice Machines

5th May 2016

A common issue that comes up in restaurants is the build up of pink slime, black ice and bio-film in commercial ice machine
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Eliminating Drain Odors

3rd May 2016

The floor drains in your restaurant can be full of odors, gases and different insects. One solution to this problem is to p
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What Is In Your Drain?

29th Apr 2016

What is the strangest thing you’ve found in your drain before? Plumbers find straws, silverware, cloths, plastic gloves and
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Greasy Rooftop Protection

25th Apr 2016

Restaurant rooftops are stained with grease and oil emitted by kitchen exhaust fans. These fans can end in unnecessary leaks
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