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Unplug Big Dipper before closing due to Covid-19

Unplug Big Dipper before closing due to Covid-19

23rd Mar 2020

If you are having to prepare your restaurant for government mandated closure, there are steps you should take NOW to ensure your Big Dipper is in good working order when your restaurant reopens.

To prepare your Big Dipper for a prolonged shutdown:

  1. Add water- Your Big Dipper should be full of water before shutdown.
  2. Unplug- Running your Big Dipper without regular kitchen flows could damage the unit.
  3. Set a reminder- Your Big Dipper needs to be plugged back in when your kitchen is operating again.

Please take a moment to protect your Big Dipper from damage so you can reopen with ease.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you and yours during this difficult time. Take care and be safe!