Why Roof Drains Matter for Commercial Roofs

Why Roof Drains Matter for Commercial Roofs

Why Drainage Matters for Commercial Flat Roofs 

In the case of flat or slightly pitched roofs, the natural force of gravity can’t channel water away. To prevent water from pooling and causing leaks, it’s crucial to equip your roof with an effective drainage system. Vulnerable points on a roof are often caulking and tiny cracks, which can result in troublesome leaks. During the winter, the added weight of snow and the freeze-thaw cycle can damage a roof not designed for such stress. 

Additionally, vents and chimneys pose access points for water infiltration, requiring regular monitoring to prevent issues. Issues Arising from Ponding or Standing Water Ponding water on a roof can lead to several problems, often unnoticed by building owners, eventually resulting in costly repairs: 

  1. Birds: Roofs with standing water can attract nesting birds, which can be discouraged to reduce future maintenance costs. 
  2. Mosquitoes: Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, posing health risks and nuisances. 
  3. Plant Growth: Water promotes plant growth on roofs, which can clog drains and lead to leaks. 
  4. Fungal Growth: Wet conditions encourage moss, mold, and mildew, damaging roofing materials. 
  5. Roofing Material Damage: Ponding water erodes roofing membranes, potentially voiding warranties without proper maintenance. 

Types of Flat Roof Drainage Systems 

There are two primary flat roof drainage options: 

1. Gutters: Inexpensive and easy to install, open gutters along the roof edge effectively move water. However, they require regular maintenance, especially in winter. 

2. Roof Drains: These advanced systems feature strategically placed drains with filters to prevent debris clogs. They offer year-round drainage, protect against freezing, and maintain a sleek appearance. However, installation and maintenance can be costly, and clogs may still occur without proper strainers.

Roof drains are essential to your commercial building to ensure proper removal of rain water in any season. We offer a number of versatile options for retrofit and new installation applications. You can trust your commercial roofs to these high-quality, industry-leading roofing solutions!  Check them out here!

20th Sep 2023

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