Why you've got to have this Turkey Day Fat Trapper!

Why you've got to have this Turkey Day Fat Trapper!

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, we want to remind you not to pour turkey grease down the drain. It's not just the turkey grease that's the problem, but things like the fats in oil and butter in items like salad dressings and frosting that can also cause problems. Preventing grease from going down the drain is important for homeowners, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. When grease clogs the drains it is not only a major headache for plumbers, but can also be very expensive to clean. Kandace Carter, a local Water Resources Department representative said that "80% of the clogs and overflows that we have in the city are caused by grease".

Don't let your holidays get bogged down by grease and plumbing problems. That's why we're offering this Turkey Day Special... A Fat Trapper Container plus 2 Grease Bags for only $9.99! Offer available while supplies last.

The Drain Net Fat Trapper is a safe and economical way to properly dispose of unwanted cooking grease, fats and oils. The Fat Trapper is an airtight canister with foil lined disposable bags. Unwanted cooking grease is poured directly into the foil lined bags, and sealed to eliminate spillage and odor leakage. When the bag is full, it is discarded, and a new bag is inserted into the Fat Trapper. This eliminates the grease being poured down the drain, which can result in costly plumbing bills and build up in the wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.

25th Nov 2020

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