DrainShot™ - FOG 32 oz Concentrate Bio treatment formula for Drains & Grease Traps

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DrainShot offers a smart biological dosing system to remediate drains, grease traps & lift stations - 24/7.  Biological treatment is a sustainable maintenance tool for fewer problems, cleaner wastewater & peace-of-mind.

DrainShot automatically dispenses proprietary probiotic formulas (sold separately) to treat ORGANICS in wastewater. The active microbes breakdown fats, oils, grease; rendering them unable to reform or clog drains. All the treatments are bio-based, non-toxic, safe for plumbing and the environment with system refill from concentrate. 

Product features:

  • REMEDIATES organic waste build up with high count microbial action
  • PREVENTS emergency drain line issues from FOG (fats oils and grease)
  • REDUCES odors and noxious gases with counteractant technologies
  • EXTENDS grease trap cleaning intervals from reduced grease loading
  • IMPROVES FOG, TSS & BOD for cleaner wastewater effluent

Bio-based formula with Superior science:

  • Guaranteed Minimum Bacterial Concentration: 2 Billion CFU/ml
  • Multiple Bacillus Species
  • Naturally occurring, non-engineered
  • Aerobes and facultative anaerobes
  • Highly motile
  • Positive chemotaxis
  • 100% stabilized bacterial spores


FORMULATION GUIDELINES (Liquid):  Mix thoroughly prior to dosing. To refill system, disconnect 10L reservoir from tubing. Add water to reservoir first (about 2/3rd’s full) THEN add bio treatment concentrate. Swirl to mix.

Storage and Handling:  Store in a cool, dry location.  Do not freeze.  Wash thoroughly with water if exposed to skin or eyes.

Appearance:  Blue/Green & Orange Liquid Formulas

Effective Temperature Range:  5°C – 55°C (40°F – 130°F)

Effective pH Range:  4.25 – 10.0

Shelf Life:  One year at 21°C (70°F)



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