Lock & Stop Drain Lock 3 inch

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  • Lock & Stop Drain Lock 3 inch
  • Lock & Stop Drain Lock 3 inch
  • Lock & Stop Drain Lock 3 inch
  • Every Lock and Stop purchase includes an installation tool and a spanner bit.
  • Lock & Stop Drain Lock 3 inch
  • Lock & Stop Drain Lock 3 inch


  • stop floor drain clogsReduce or eliminate clogged floor drains by locking down your drain cover
  • Employees and cleaning crews often sweep food, trash, and other debris down facility floor drains for quick and easy disposal. This ends up causing drain clogs and costly plumbing repairs.
  • Prevent this problem with the Lock and Stop Drain Lock which converts your drain cover to a locking drain cover
  • 100% Stainless Steel, so it is durable, corrosion proof, and virtually impossible to unlock without the proper tool
  • This bolt can't be unlocked with any old screwdriver. Lock & Stop now comes with a tamper-proof Torx T45 bolt.  T45 bit / bit socket is sold separate 
floor drain lock
How does the Lock and Stop work?
1.  The expandable Cross Member exerts force to the drain wall, so that it can't move.
2.  The Vertical Bolt extends down through the drain cover and into the Cross Member, which now makes the drain cover immovable
3.  The tamper-proof bolt head makes it so that employees or night service crew can't access your drains and sweep in trash and debris that can block your drains.
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