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COVID-19, toilet paper shortage, and Good Screen Hygiene

COVID-19, toilet paper shortage, and Good Screen Hygiene

19th Mar 2020

Just like you, we've been reading all we can about COVID-19.  Daily life for many has changed.  One way we didn't expect it to change was our flushing behavior.  This excerpt was taken from The Telegraph: 

With a shortage of toilet paper, many households are increasing their use of “flushable” wipes, but Illinois American Water warns against flushing these items down the toilet. According to the company, flushing baby wipes — even those that are labeled flushable or biodegradable — and paper towels down the toilet can lead to sewer backups and in-home plumbing issues.

“While it might seem to make your daily life easier, putting the wrong thing down the toilet or drain can and does cause blockages, which take time and money to fix,” she said.

As the article states, putting the "wrong thing" down the toilet can cost you time and money to fix.  However, we have just the product to prevent these types of blockages.  It's called the Traptex®!  The Traptex helps prevent non-flushable items from entering the pipes. This results in fewer maintenance calls for clogs, equipment failures, and plumbing disasters.

Watch this short video below to see how Traptex works:

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If toilet backups aren't your top concern right now, we also want to remind you about a product that has never been more popular.  It is KleenCell, a scientifically formulated sanitizer / cleaner to help reduce transmission of colds, the flu, and other viruses on your Cell Phones, Tablets, Computers, and any screen you touch.  We can sanitize our hands all we like, but bacteria and viruses sitting on our phone may be transferred right back to our hands as soon as we pick them up.  That's why we, and many others are using KleenCell!

We have sold out on Amazon (and are sending more).  But we also sell them on our website.  Click here to buy (while supplies last).  We recommend using this cleaner for your personal use, but also at the workplace where many employees are often sharing the same screen.  Let's all practice good screen hygiene, and keep each other safe!