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Posted by Drain-Tech on 5th Nov 2014

This article addresses the misconception regarding the differences between bacteria and enzymes. As you may know we sell a Drain DEFENDER line of products that use a proprietary DISC compound. This DISC is a blend of several strains of bacteria that combat fruit flies, fats, oils, greases, molds, and mildew. The DISC also contains other ingredients that allow it to be formed in a solid and to operate in the environment for which it is intended, i.e., drains beverage trays, floor sinks, etc. By utilizing bacteria, our Drain DEFENDER product is a "green" alternative to other caustic-type chemicals, such as Draino®, Mule Kick®, Borax, lye, etc.

With respect to bacteria and enzymes, there tends to be a misconception in the market as to what the difference is between them. Many believe that bacteria and enzymes are interchangeable or merely a different word for one another, but that is incorrect.

First, bacteria are live organisms. They live, multiply and die. Using the Drain DEFENDER products as an example, our proprietary strains of bacteria thrive by "eating," fats, oils and greases, thereby eliminating them. To "eat," our bacteria produce natural enzymes that break down the complex molecules of the fats, oils and greases so that the bacteria can ingest them. The bacteria's natural enzymes act to breakdown and consume the various fats, oils and greases. In doing so, their "waste" or byproduct merely comprises water and carbon dioxide, which are purely green products. So, our product does not contain any manufactured enzymes, but rather our bacteria produce their own natural enzymes to feed, live and multiply.

Second, many products are marketed as enzymes or enzyme based products. Such products are manufactured enzymes. Although they can break down complex fat, oil and grease molecules, manufactured enzymes are not live and cannot multiply. Thus, manufactured enzymes are limited and only as effective as the amount of enzyme product that is introduced to the problematic source. Moreover, manufactured enzymes only break down the fat, oil, and greases and then are washed away. To continue to treat, additional quantities of manufactured enzymes must be used, which is much less beneficial than a live bacteria that can thrive and multiply like Drain Defender's bacteria.

Therefore, when reviewing a "green" drain conditioning product, it is important to ask if manufactured enzymes are part of the formulation. Most often the answer is yes, and that's what separates the Drain DEFENDER products from others on the market we do not use manufactured, processed enzymes! Do not be fooled by products that claim that their enzymes multiply or digest fats, oils and greases, that isn't possible. Only specially selected bacteria, such as Drain DEFENDER's, can multiply and digest problematic fats, oils, and greases.

Finally, and perhaps most important, is that the Drain DEFENDER proprietary composition also includes a bacteria strain that "infects" fruit/drain flies a claim that no other product can make! Our bacteria compromise the fruit/drain flies' so they can no longer feed, thereby starving them. Other products may claim to eliminate fruit flies, but they do not actually infect them. Other products merely rely upon cleaning to remove the fruit flies food source.