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Grease blockage causes sewer spill

Grease blockage causes sewer spill

15th Jan 2019

This article from Clayton News-Daily shows what can happen when you neglect proper care of your drains.  We offer a variety of products to keep food scraps, fats, oils, and grease from going down the drain and causing problems to your drains and local water system.

Grease blockage causes sewer spill in Hampton area

by: Joe Adgie,

HAMPTON — The Clayton County Water Authority has reported a spill involving two manholes in the area of 1587 McDonough Road near Lovejoy.

The spills occurred on Jan. 8. According to reports from the Clayton County Water Authority, both spills were caused by a grease blockage.

The first spill dumped approximately 1,200 gallons into the nearby Flint River, while the second spill dropped approximately 1,720 gallons into the same river.

According to a release from the Clayton County Water Authority, the grease blockage was cleared and the sewage flow returned to normal.

The CCWA said they will will put a camera in the lines to determine if any additional work is needed.

The CCWA noted that fats, oils and grease can clog sewer pipes and cause blockages similar to the one cleared up on Tuesday. Grease can be found in different things such as meat fats, cooking oil, shortening, butter, margarine, food scraps, sauces, dairy products and baking goods.

The water authority asks to never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets, and to scrape grease and food scraps from trays, plates, pots, pans, utensils, grills and cooking surfaces into a metal can or kitchen trash. If grease is left in a pot or skillet after cooking, let the grease cool and then pour it into a metal can, and when the can is full, throw the grease in the kitchen trash.

Garbage disposals do not keep fats, oils and grease out of the plumbing system. The disposals only shreds solid material into solid pieces and does not prevent fats, oils and greases from going down the drain.

Residents are asked to put baskets and strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids, and to empty the drain basket and strainers in the trash for disposal.