Fruit Fly Bar Pro (10-Pack) Insecticide Vapor Strip

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  • Fruit Fly Bar Pro (10-Pack) Insecticide Vapor Strip
  • Fruit Fly Bar Pro (10-Pack) Insecticide Vapor Strip
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  • Fruit Fly Insecticide Vapor Strip
  • Fruit Fly Bar Pro (10-Pack) Insecticide Vapor Strip
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Fruit Fly Bar Pro eliminates infestations

There is an easy, EPA approved, do-it-yourself commercial pest control solution! Drain-Tech's Fruit Fly Strip is a silent, odorless, colorless killer that attacks and treats the problem area at its source. One treatment last for up to 4 months without shutting down your business a single hour!

How Does it work?

Once freed from its specially fabricated foil package, the exposure to air activates the key ingredient.  Like an air freshener, the time released vapor fills the air and every crack and crevice of an approximate 200 cubic foot space, and will kill the specified insects in this space.  Drain-Tech's Fruit Fly Strip is perfect for those hard to reach areas or nests with a deep penetrating vapor that kills, prevents and protects for up to four months.

What bugs does it kill?  Fruit Flies, spiders, cockroaches, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ear wigs, silverfish, and moths.

Where to use?  Use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, dumpster areas, floor drains, garbage rooms, locker rooms, mop closets, bathrooms, offices, storage and more.

Is this product safe around people and food?

This Fruit Fly Strip is designed for use in non-food areas and areas where people are not present for extended periods of time.  It may be used in areas where food and people are present but must be used overnight and taken down when people reenter the area the following day.  This product is hazardous to humans and domestic animals if inhaled, swallowed, or if it comes in contact with skin.  This product cannot be used around open food.

Coverage Area:  Each Fruit Fly Strip treats a 200 cubic feet area.  For example it would cover a 5' x 5' space with an 8' tall celling.  For best results please make sure you order the adequate amount to treat the infested space.  If multiple fruit fly strips are needed in an area, place them 10 feet apart.

What do I do with the strips when I'm not using them but I've already removed them from their package?

Place the Fruit Fly Strip back into it's foil packet, fold over the opened end at least twice and seal with tape until next use. We do not recommend storing in zip lock bags. The efficacy of our fly strips is better protected in our foil-lined packet.

*Please read this testimony we got from a restaurant owner who loved this product:

"For those of you who own an eating establishment of any kind, you should be very familiar with the dreaded fruit fly. For five years our bar never had a problem until last fall and from nowhere we were infested with the little pest. We tried everything from the homemade fly traps to a full blown fumigation (which cost an arm and a leg) and still did not get rid of them. Then we tried the daily bug bombs for a week. What a pain to get everything out of harms way of the spray, then clean and replace for business that day.

I called Drain Net and ordered the starter kit of the Fruit Fly Fighter. In fact, I ordered two rounds that that. It did help tremendously but we still had them. Just not as bad. Finally, I called back to Drain Net and spoke to Nicole and told her my dilemma. She strongly urged me to try the Fruit Fly strips. They were pretty expensive (in my mind) but then I thought about all the money we had spent so why not give it a go. They shipped them to us immediately, we hung them in places where they loved to hang out. ie...the men's bathroom for starters. Within just a few days we were fruit fly free. Not a week or two, days. That was in March and still no fruit flies. We couldn't believe how fast the fruit flies disappeared but I'm here to tell you that the strips work, really work fast and they are long lasting. So, well worth the money.  If anyone reading this has fruit flies.  Get the strips.  You won't be sorry.  Just wished I had gotten  them at the beginning."

 Fruit Fly Vapor Strip

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Nine 15 Midtown on 26th Nov 2021

    Excellent kill the fly's in one shoot we choose to maintain using every day . Thanks

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    Drain-Tech Fruit Fly Strip

    Posted by Dan S. on 13th Aug 2015

    Product works great. Works as advertised.

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