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Clogged Restaurant Drains

Clogged Restaurant Drains

25th Jan 2023

Clogged restaurant drains are a major headache for restaurant owners and operators.  Too often, the problem is addressed by bringing in a plumber or someone to snake the drains.  This provides a temporary fix, but over time the drains will backup again.  

That is why Drain-Net Technologies offers preventative solutions to clogged restaurant drains.  The most common cause of drain backups is the food, trash, and other debris which falls on the restaurant floor and gets washed into the drains.  Your plumbing system was designed to handle water, so we suggest catching everything else with a Drain-Net strainer in your floor drain.  We offer many shapes, sizes, and materials for your specific application.

Drain Defender for restaurant drains

Another source of clogged restaurant drains is grease and oils.   Our Drain Defender product line offers many solutions with a unique Defender formula which breaks down these oils and allows your plumbing system to work properly.

Before using our innovative solutions we suggest getting your drains cleaned with our Commercial Drain Cleaning Brush.  Together with a bucket of soap and hot water, clean the walls of your pipes to ensure maximum water drainage.  

Restaurant Drain Brush for Cleaning Drains

We have many other innovative products to help you make clogged restaurant drains a thing of the past.  Please browse our site or give us a call to let us help you keep your commercial kitchen free of clogged drains!