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Drain Line Service

drain line inspection and service

full drain line serviceDrain-Net Technologies is proud to offer nationwide drain line inspections, measuring, and installation for drain locks, baskets, and more.  We want to help restaurants keep their focus on their food and customers, not their drains!  We are also proud members of Service Channel and we can be found on Fixxbook for those restaurants who use that scheduling service.


drain line inspectionDrain Line Inspection:

• All restaurant drain lines are subject drain clogs, backups, and plumbing problems due to the large amount of food and debris that can enter the drain lines
• Using the latest technology, our local service providers will inspect your drains for clogs and pipe damage
• While there, they will also measure your drains and floor sinks to correctly size your needed drain locks and baskets
• A full report of the inspection will be given before any other service is scheduled

drain jetting

Drain Jetting:

• If your restaurant drains do have clogs, they can be cleaned out. We will use your local drain jetter or find one for you. 
• Will be scheduled after hours at your convenience
• Eliminates FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease), sludge, sand, sediment, debris, trash and whatever else might be clogging your restaurant plumbing system.

preventative plumbing for restaurant drains


• After your drains get a clean start, our technicians can install the right products to help prevent future drain clogs and plumbing problems
• We typically recommend drain locks and floor sink baskets, but we have a full line of products for every application
• Installation can be done on the same visit as the drain jetting


Call 1-844-564-9216 today OR click here to fill out a form for a free quote.

member of service channel and fixxbook


Want to join our team?  We are always looking to add quality people to our nationwide network of Drain-Net Drain Line Service Providers.  We can help grow your business with referrals and installations.  We our members of Service Channel which many of the top restaurant brands use to contract out all of their maintenance work. Give us a call or fill out a form if interested.