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Green Drain Super Seal 3"

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    The Probleminline floor drain trap sealer
    • Foul sewer odors coming up through the floor drain because of dried out traps
    • Floor drain creating odor issues
    • Expensive procedures to replace trap primers
    • Drain flies, maggots, bugs, and roaches crawling up through the floor drain
    • Drain fly and fruit flies breeding in the floor drain
    • Current chemical-based solutions are ineffective and hazardous to the environment
    The "Green Drain Super Seal" Solution
    • The Green Drain Super Seal  is an inline, one way drain sealer. 
    • Dangerous and noxious sewer gases are blocked and cannot escape the floor drain
    • The one way valve eliminates odor issues stemming from sewers
    • Prevents and blocks bugs from crawling up through floor drains
    • Helps prevent drain flies from breeding in the floor drain and entering the facility
    • Sanitary, eco-friendly and chemical free solution (“Green Product”)
    • Simple installation & improved drainage quality

    The Green Drain can be used in the outlet connections of floor drain bodies or the inside of the floor drain strainers to seal the opening, preventing odors, sewer gases, and insects from entering up through the floor drain grate.  The Green Drain's four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensure easy installation into openings that have variations in size.  The Green Drain will open to allow drainage and close when there is no water flow.  It can be used in new construction or retro-fit applications where trap primers were never installed.  It is a simple alternative to a trap primer with no mechanical parts to replace or maintain.

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    Bulk discounts available:

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    This trap seal primer valve conforms to ASSE 1018 or ASSE 1044 

    This product conforms to NYC Plumbing Code 1002.4 Trap Seal

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    1. This product really works!

      I own an ice cream and frozen yogurt shop. As you can imagine, lots of melted sweets go down the drain as I am cleaning everything.
      Started to have a real problem with drain and fruit flys. Nothing was working.
      Then I discovered this product and decided to give it a try.
      The flys are almost gone and by the way so is the drain odor that used to come up from time to time.
      I highly recommend this product.
      on 22nd Jul 2016

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    Sold as: 1 unit. The easy removal tool sold separately
    Product Name: Green Drain Super Seal
    Applications: Restaurants, Food Service, Commercial Kitchens, Grocery Stores and Supermarks, Commercial Facilities
    Related Terms: drain guard, drain odor blocker, liquid breaker, sureseal, inline floor drain trap, backflow blocker, trap primer, trap primer alternative, trap guard, trap guard protection, drain trap primer, deep water seal traps, sewer gas drain emission, trap ev
    Case Quantity: 24