15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device

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  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device
  • 15 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device


The Drain-Net Goslyn AGRD is the easiest and most effective automatic grease removal device on the market.  Goslyn gets all the oil and is always working 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There are no timers to set or adjust.  No belts, pulleys, or wheels to adjust or clean periodically. There is less of a likely hood that the automatic grease trap is functioning at less than 100% efficiency.  The more moving parts, adjustments to components and wear on these components invites sub par operating conditions. In fact a properly operated goslyn automatic grease trap will not have any oil in the separation and or outlet chamber for more than a few seconds at any time. Generally the oil will separate and flow to the top of the water were it is forced out of the goslyn’s patented oil valve by the hydrostatical pressured water. If the restaurant’s grease trap becomes exposed to cold weather overnight or because of an electrical failure, then grease in the trap can coagulate, requiring and expensive and time consuming cleaning prior to re-operating properly. 

Key Benefits:

  • No moving parts = no break downs
  • Never needs pumping
  • No odors
  • Clean operation, no employee has to expose the kitchen to fermenting sludge
  • Works well even in the absence of electricity
  • 5 year limited warranty

Key Features:

  • Made with heavy duty 2.5mm, 304 stainless steel exterior construction
  • Integral vented flow control included
  • Self-closing drain valve included
  • Strainer basket to prevent solid debris from entering the drain pipes
  • Easy access hinged lid compartments
  • Two oil collection cassettes included
  • Neoprene seals on base of unit 
  • Immersion heater (UL listed) to keep effluent warm during idle periods (110 Volt, 1000 Watts, 9 Amps within 5' of unit)

Required Clearances:  

  • Headroom needed above strainer basket: 12"
  • Inlet: 2"
  • Outlet: 2"
  • Access to front Oil Cassette
  • Access to inged lid for Oil Valve


Codes/Standards:  UL, IPC, UPC, IRC, NPC, ASME A112.14.3, ASME A1123.14.4, PDI G101, AND CSA B481.1

Electrical Requirements:  110 Volt, 1000 watts, 9 Amps within 5' of unit

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What Customers Are Saying

"These units have proved invaluable in eliminating greasy wash water & eliminating ongoing drain blockage problems" -Mary K., YUM Brands

"The Goslyn Grease Recovery Device is working flawlessly.  It is simple to monitor and simple to maintain.  Our drains have never worked better!" -Aaron R., Ramada Hotels

"Our Payback will be less than 18 months..." - Sarah C., Ricky's All Day Grill

"The Goslyn FOG separator, being located inside, makes it an easy device to check... having increased enforcement regarding sewer overflows (sso) from the regulatory agencies such as EPA & Water Quality Board, make devices like Goslyn a welcomed piece of equipment." -Steve N., Santa Margarita Water District.

The Superior Grease Trap / Interceptor Replacement

Grease separator for commercial kitchens

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